Sunday, November 22, 2009

I needed a new outlook on Life

Dexter told Delilah that he woke up on Saturday and was craving something new. He was just plain bored with the usual views out of the downstairs windows. He had noticed that the bathroom window was really big and it was easy to look down on the birds so he tried to look out but the blind was in the way.

Dexter told Delilah that Mom tried to help but pulling the blind up halfway for him, but while she was in the other room he had a great idea. He climbed up to the top edge of the shower stall. The view as fantastic from up there!

Delilah asked if he was scared up so high.

Dexter told Delilah that being high was fun, but it was a bit narrow and not too comfortable to sit on the cold metal shower. He also told her that Mom was really shocked when she found him up there.

Delilah was impressed and asked how he got back down again.
"Well" said Dexter. "Getting down was the tricky part. Good thing I have good balance."

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