Saturday, March 12, 2011

Yawning is essential

Dexter told Delilah that every cat has to perfect his or her yawn. The more tongue the better.

Delilah asked Dexter why. She pointed out that it isn't very lady-like.

Dexter says you have to be able to show your humans how bored you are and how you really don't care about doing what they want you to do. The perfect yawn conveys so much.

Delilah still isn't convinced, but she does admire Dexter's giant yawning abilities.


Alexi said...

Hey Dexter and Delilah!
Nice blog you all have ! We iz having two partays at our bloodies to celebrate two puurthdays. Won't you come over and eat, play and snooze wif us?? Introduce your selves to all the wonderful kitties of the bloggysfear. ( Alexi's blog) and ( Galletta's blog)

Alexi said...

umm that's bloggies... not bloodies. Geesh!