Saturday, May 31, 2008

Be sure to have a regular exercise routine

Dexter told Delilah that regular exercise is crucial to making sure you have a long and healthy life. He assured her he is very dedicated and diligent with his exercise routine. In fact, he works out regularly doing Feed Me Yoga in front of the cabinet where his parents store his food.

It is the perfect location with a nice soft blue carpet and plenty of space to roll around and stretch. Although he likes the cat and dog yoga poses, his favorite yoga pose is the upside-down snake pose. To do this one you have to get on your back and stretch. Make sure you are close to a wall or cabinet so you can push-off with your back foot and propel yourself across the floor. It feels great on your back and gets lots of attention from your parents who think it is hilarious to watch.

Don't forget while exercising to keep that tail in shape too. Be sure to swish it back and forth.

Finally, be sure to allow the right amount of time for your Feed Me Yoga. It takes about 10 minutes of Yoga before your parents will give in and get out the food. So don't start too early before mealtime or you might have to do it twice.

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