Monday, June 2, 2008

Lime Yogurt is the best flavor

Dexter told Delilah that he thinks lime flavored yogurt is the best. Whenever his Dad has one, he is allowed to "lick the bowl." In fact he has become quite addicted to the delicious, creamy lime flavor. "It's better than mouse" he told Delilah between licks.

His Mom is surprised that he likes it because all the cat books say that cats are not supposed to like citrus flavors. Dexter thinks this is ridiculous. He told Delilah that if you want to know what cats do and don't like, you need to read something that a cat wrote (like this blog) and not some hoity-toity book written by some human.

Dexter did have one warning for Delilah however. Those yogurt pots are kind of deep and your tongue can get very tired trying to reach the bottom. It takes months of practice, but is worth it.

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