Friday, June 20, 2008

Be sure to read the label

Dexter told Delilah that it is important to eat a healthy diet. Unfortunately, this can be quite difficult because Mom and Dad insist on feeding us boring, tasteless pates every single day. He says that their diet should be well rounded and include lots of tasty dry food, yogurt and anything that you find lying around on the floor. Live spiders and crickets are great because you can play with them first.

Dexter warned Delilah that when it comes to people-food, if Mom and Dad try to keep you from eating it, it means that is is really, really good and you will have to work hard trying to beg, borrow or steal some.

He also advised her that whenever she gets the chance to try something new, she should give it a good sniff and push it around with her paw to see how it feels. If it smells good and feels good, she will probably want to give it a lick, but always read the label first. You never know what might be inside. If the label says "pill pockets", it is a trick - don't fall for it! Inside this tasty morsel will be a nasty pill. He told Delilah that when she is a bit older and more experienced, he will teach her how to eat the treat and leave the pill behind.

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