Saturday, June 7, 2008

Quick, run, they're coming!

Dexter told Delilah that she needs to be fast on her feet if she is going to do things she isn't supposed to do. He, for example, sees no reason why he shouldn't explore the counter or the stove, but for some reason Mom and Dad get really angry when he does this.

He explained that you don't have to stop doing what you are doing when they first see you. First they will yell at you to get down but you should just give them an innocent look and continue to explore. When they start walking toward you, watch to see if they are serious or just trying to psych you out. If they are serious, you'd better be quick and leave the scene of the crime immediately.

It is best to do your exploring when they are not at home, but if you want to get them to come into the kitchen to feed you, you can use this as a tool. When you jump down, run to your bowl and cry. They are sure to get the message.

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