Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Twinkle Paws Dexter

Dexter told Delilah that she needs to get a hobby. It really helps to pass the time while Mom and Dad are at work all day. He explained that one day he was in the play room down in the basement and he tried to walk on the keyboard. Someone had left it turned on. At first he was terrified when it made wild noises as he stepped on the keys, but it piqued his interest. Later he went back and experimented by touching one key at a time with his paw. One thing led to another and now he plays when he get the urge. Recently he explained, he has been looking at the sheet music trying to figure out how to read it, but so far he has had no luck.

There are some drums near the piano and Dexter had encouraged Delilah to learn to play the drums so they can do a duet someday.

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