Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day to Dexter's Dad

Dexter told Delilah that they should make sure to make Dad's day special today. He says they need to thank him for cleaning the cat box every day, playing every day and feeding them.

His idea is to find Dad and snuggle with him and give him some kisses. In fact, when snuggling, Dad's arm makes a great pillow. He said he loves the way he can rest his chin on Dad's furry arm and relax. Dad will usually stroke you and it just feels heavenly and makes your purr up a storm. It is just like getting a massage. Dexter says that it may not be as comfortable for Delilah yet because she is still so small, but when she is older she will want to try this.

So for Fathers' Day, Dexter suggests that this year, Delilah climb up on Dad's chest and lick his chin to wish him a happy Day.

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